Help & Technical Support

General Support

For general questions, you may contact us via the following methods:

Billing Support

If you have any problems using this service we invite you to contact us and we will assist you with any issue. You may contact us via the following methods:

  • Email:
  • North America Toll Free: 1-866-892-5122
  • Wold Wide Direct: 1-438-800-0249

Affiliate Support

We do not provide our own Affiliate Program at the moment but we do recommend:

Geo-Blocked Content

We protect our models and their clients privacy by blocking some areas including Jamaica. These geo-blocks are model-specific and can only be removed by request from a model.

If you are in a geo-blocked area please try the following:

Hardware & Requirements

LJG suggests that you have the following for best results:

  • A Desktop, Mac or Laptop PC
  • Microsoft Windows Vista, 7, 8, 10 or Apple OS-X 10.8.4 or higher
  • Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox or Safari Browser
  • Adobe Flash 11.6.0 or higher (Get it here)
  • 2+ GHz Processor
  • 2+ Gigabytes of Ram
  • Webcam & Mic (for 2-way video)

Internet Connection

Chat models broadcasting require a good quality upstream connection are broadcasting at about 450kb/s. Your Internet connectiob may be in use by other services at the same time so the higher your connection speed, the better.

For best results we suggest the following:

  • 2mb/s+ Internet Connection Speed
  • Secure your router from un-authorized usage.
  • Connect to your router with a cable instead of WiFi.
  • If you must use wireless, we suggest a router that supports 802.11-n, 802.11-ac or neprotocols. Older routers will work but image quality may suffer.

You can test your speed at

Getting the Best Quality

LJG takes advantage of the latest in video technology to deliver preimum quality video and audio. While older computers should have no trouble displaying standard video, the following tweaks will provide you with the ultimate quality:

  • Upgrade your computer to the latest versions of Windows or OS/X.
  • Always run the latest versions of Flash.
  • Upgrade your Internet connection to at least 10mb/s or more if possible.
  • If you are on a PC, consider upgrading your video card.
  • Use a headset during 2-way video chat.
  • Turn off uncessary programs.